Fire Chief Says Sprinklers Saved Apartment

Posted On February 12, 2014

(Lawrenceburg, Ind.) – The Lawrenceburg Fire Department credits an apartment building’s sprinkler system in preventing a stovetop fire from doing extensive damage.

Firefighters responded to the call from Edinberg Apartments at 333 St. Clair Street at around 5:30 Tuesday evening. They arrived to find Lawrenceburg Police officers evacuating residents from the building, said Lawrenceburg Fire Chief Johnnie Tremain.

Firefighters entered the apartment where the fire was reported. They found one sprinkler head had activated, extinguishing a fire that had started on the apartment kitchen’s stovetop.

Crews shut down the sprinkler system to prevent further water damage. Tremain said crews stayed on scene while City Construction Manager Mario Todd, Paul Seymour of Edinberg Maintenance, and Terry Luhrsen of Quality Fire Protection put the sprinkler system back on line and mitigated the water damage.

“This incident was a prime example of the effectiveness of sprinkled buildings and are well worth the extra cost,” Tremain said.

Firefighters from Aurora and Greendale assisted at the scene.