Former Club Treasurer Pays Stolen Money Back, Gets Probation

Posted On August 28, 2014

By Mike Perleberg

dearborn-superior-court-bench-gavel-01312012.jpg(Aurora, Ind.) – A former member of a fishing club has been sentenced for stealing money from the organization.

Everett Boggs, of Aurora, was the secretary for the Rising Sun-based Ohio Valley River Cats Club, an organization that puts on fishing tournaments on the Ohio River. In February 2013, he was accused of stealing up to $8,000 from the club dating back to 2008.

In a plea agreement reached in Ohio County court on Tuesday, Boggs, 52, admits to using the club’s money for truck repairs and gas. He has also pleaded guilty to one count of Theft (Class A misdemeanor) while 20 other counts were dismissed.

Boggs will avoid jail time by pleading guilty to one count of theft and being given a year on probation. He had to pay back $5,434.99 in restitution at or prior to sentencing. Boggs must also pay various court costs and fees.

The sentence was recommended by Ohio County Circuit Court magistrate Kimberly Schmaltz and ordered by Judge James D. Humphrey.


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