Gas Could Rise By 40-Cents Soon

Posted On July 03, 2012

Gas(Lawrenceburg, Ind.) – Just like outdoor summertime temperatures, gas prices are forecasted go up in the next couple days.


Price tracking website GasBuddy.com says drivers may see the price at the pump shoot up 20 to 40 cents within the next 48 hours, the Indianapolis Star reports.


Oil prices rose by $7 in trading last Friday, a GasBuddy.com expert said.


The website says the average price in the Cincinnati area Tuesday is about $3.35 a gallon, less than the $3,58 local drivers were paying on average exactly a year ago.


Motorists in Greendale, Lawrenceburg, Aurora, Harrison, and Florence are finding prices at about $3.39. Some stations in Batesville were about ten cents cheaper. Versailles stations had higher prices of about $3.49.


Some of the cheapest gas may be found in Hebron, where stations were charging $3.25 as of Tuesday morning.




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