Gas Nears $4 A Gallon Locally

Posted On May 30, 2014

By Mike Perleberg

gas-prices-gasoline-graphic-small.jpg(Lawrenceburg, Ind.) – Much to motorists’ dismay, tri-state area gas prices spiked on Thursday.

Stations in Greendale, Hebron, Harrison, and Versailles began posting $3.99 for regular unleaded gas. In some locations, prices jumped more than 30-cents in less than a day.

CincyGasPrices.com reports the region’s average price at $3.90 Friday morning. That’s the highest prices have been locally since mid-June of last year.

Prices have increased about 20-cents on average in the past month.

Some stations are still selling fuel for less than $4 a gallon. Prices in the $3.60’s range could be found in Aurora and Florence.

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Funny how it was always the President's fault when gas prices got so high ... but since Barry the Blameless has been President, people just bend over and take it.