Get Into Jail Free: Public Tours Of Expanded Dearborn Co. Jail Saturday

Posted On August 12, 2014

Press release from Dearborn County Commissioners

The new wing of the expanded Dearborn County Law Enforcement Center could begin housing inmates in mid-August. Dearborn County Sheriff's Dept. photo

Public tours of the newly expanded Dearborn County Law Enforcement Center will be held Saturday, August 16.
Dearborn County Sheriff’s Dept. photo

(Dearborn County, Ind.) – The long-discussed and evaluated jail expansion is nearly complete with the additional inmate housing component expected to be accepting inmates late August or early September 2014.  The new building provides dormitory-style housing for up to 208 additional inmates.  The current facility has 216 beds and is averaging over 260 inmates on any given day.

The Dearborn County Board of Commissioners and Sheriff Mike Kreinhop are hoping that inviting interested citizens to take a look inside the new jail addition before they begin housing inmates in the unit will give citizens a rare opportunity to understand life while incarcerated and demonstrate that public safety is a top concern for the County.  With security precautions in place, the public may tour the new facility on Saturday, August 16, 2014.

The new facility is divided into sight-and-sound separated pods that allow for more flexibility in appropriately classifying inmates depending on their criminal history, severity of conviction, and potential impact on their fellow inmates and jail staff.  It also provides one male and one female specialty dormitory area for participants in the Jail Chemical Addiction Program (JCAP).  These inmates reside together as a support system for one another and have a classroom and instructor in close proximity to facilitate ongoing education and rehabilitation.  In an expansion of the JCAP program to come in the near future, a smaller “step-up” section allows inmates who have completed the JCAP program an opportunity to spend their last several days prior to release engaged in more intensive education aimed at preparing them for reintegration into society (e.g. finding a job, dealing with financial issues, continuing their chemical addiction program and support meetings, turning away from the habits and relationships that led them down the wrong path and ensuring they make better life choices going forward.

County Council, other county elected officials, and employees of the county will be given opportunities to tour the new addition as well during their lunch hour on Friday, August 15th or earlier on Saturday (prior to the public tour).  Citizens interested in touring should arrive at the Dearborn County Justice Center on Saturday, August 16th by 10:30 a.m. for the first tour OR by 11:30 a.m. for the second round of tours.   While the tour is geared toward adults, teens and young adults ages 13 and older may participate when accompanied by an adult.

The jail is located at 301 West High Street, Lawrenceburg, Indiana.

You are asked to leave personal belongings locked in your vehicle or with the jail officer posted at the entrance.  No photographs or videography will be permitted.  Questions about the tour may be directed to the Commissioners office at (812) 537-1040, ext. 0 or via email to:  [email protected]  or the County Administrator, Terri Randall: [email protected].