GOP House Members Defeat 60 RTW Revisions

Posted On January 24, 2012

(Indianapolis, Ind.) – After holding out much of last week, Democrats were back in session at the Indiana statehouse Monday.


The House Democrats offered up 60 different amendments to a bill which would make Indiana the 23rd right to work state. One of those amendments would have required Indiana voters to decide the issue at the ballot box in November.


“This is the perfect way out where we can leave this divisive issue and we can get on the road to things that, frankly, everyday working Hoosiers give a hoot about,” said Rep. Kreg Battles (D-Vincennes).


Rep. Ralph Foley (R-Martinsville) suggested Democrats in the House need to get tough and deal with controversial issues, not defer to the voters who elect lawmakers to make tough decisions. 


“What is this supposed to mean? That every time there is a controversial issue the legislature fails to address it?,” Foley said.


With each amendment offered up, Republicans used their sizable majority in the House to defeat every single one.


Democrats say the change in the union law will lower wages and most studies have shown right to work laws have not helped lure employers to other states. Republicans are holding firm in their earlier stance that right to work is their top priority this legislative session.


A final House vote on the bill could be held Tuesday, if Democrats choose to show up. House Speaker Brian Bosma (R-Indianapolis) said he will again fine House members who skip session Tuesday another $1,000.


Meanwhile, the Indiana Senate passed an identical right to work bill Tuesday, 28-22. Nine Republicans crossed the party line to oppose the bill.


“I don’t believe this state can afford to ignore this opportunity to bring new and better jobs to Indiana,” said Senate President Pro Tem David Long (R-Fort Wayne). “It can be a game-changer for our state.”


“This so-called right to work bill is not conferring any rights to a job on anybody,” said Democratic Senate leader Vi Simpson (D-Bloomington).




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