Governor Mike Pence Endorses Ted Cruz 

Posted On April 29, 2016

By Mike Perleberg


Indiana Governor Mike Pence (left) endorsed Texas Senator Ted Cruz for the Republican presidential nomination on Friday, April 29. Photos by Gage Skidmore and Michael Vadon/Wikipedia.

(Undated) – Indiana Republican Governor Mike Pence is endorsing Ted Cruz for president.

Pence made the announcement on WIBC Radio in Indianapolis Friday afternoon.

“I see Ted Cruz as a principled conservative who’s dedicated his career to advocating the Reagan agenda, and am pleased to support him,” Pence said.

Many are calling the endorsement luke-warm after Pence went out of his way to praise Donald Trump, saying he has “given voice to the frustration of millions of working Americans.”

The governor, who is in his own re-election battle in 2016, then added that ‘I’m not against anybody, but I will be voting for Ted Cruz.”

Cruz had praised Pence at one of his many campaign stops in Indiana over the past week, saying he has tremendous respect for Pence.

“He has been an incredible leader for the State of Indiana. You know, he has really demonstrated that when you cut taxes, when you reduce regulations, the result is that jobs follow,” Cruz said.

Indiana holds a key primary on Tuesday, May 3 and Texas Senator Cruz is in a tough fight with frontrunner Trump. Trump declared himself the GOP’s “presumptive nominee” after sweeping five Northeast primaries this week.