Governor Won’t Have To Testify In IBM Cases

Posted On February 14, 2012

Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels

(Indianapolis, Ind.) – The Indiana Supreme Court says Governor Mitch Daniels will not have to testify in the dueling lawsuits between the state and IBM. 


Daniels administration attorney Peter Rusthoven praised the decision. 


“The legislature has decided that we don’t compel the governor any more than we compel legislators, or soldiers, or voters when they are going to and from the voting booth. We don’t make them testify and that’s the policy,” Rusthoven said.


The company and state are suing each other over Daniels’ decision to cancel its contract with the Family and Social Services Administration. 


A Marion County judge had previously ruled the governor would have to be deposed in the case. 


“I don’t think we want to get in a situation where every time the state is sued, every time the state files a suit you have parties saying ‘Oh, the governor is so important. This is the most important case ever. The governor has to testify,’” Rusthoven said.