Gov’t Releases Insurance Enrollment Figures

Posted On November 14, 2013

(Undated) – Health insurance exchange enrollment numbers in Indiana, Kentucky, and Ohio are lagging behind they pace they need to be.


Government figures released Wednesday showed than just under 32,000 Hoosiers successfully completed an application in October using the federal website Healthcare.gov. Of those, 701 have chosen a private insurance plan and about 11,300 were eligible for Medicaid.


Ohio saw 45,000 applications with just 1,150 plans sold.


In Kentucky, numbers were much higher with almost 76,300 applications completed with almost 5,600 plans sold in October. Unlike Indiana and Ohio, Kentucky’s online health insurance marketplace, kynect.ky.gov, is run by the state.


Nationally, roughly 106,000 people successfully enrolled in an insurance plan using the new healthcare exchanges through the federal online exchange for the period of October 1 through November 2. Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius said another 975,000 have applied but have not yet selected healthcare plans.


Sebilius noted that the numbers are being held down by the troubled launch of Healthcare.gov. The administration hopes to have major glitches in the website fixed by November 30th. That will give citizens a little more than two weeks to sign up for a plan by December 15 in order to be insured starting January 1, 2014.


In order for the program to be successful, there will have to be about 500,000 enrollments per month during the six month open enrollment period. In earlier remarks, White House spokesman Jay Carney set a low bar of expectations and predicted that “no one will be satisfied” with the numbers from the first month.