Greendale Police: No Off-Road Vehicles On The Street

Posted On May 09, 2016

By Mike Perleberg


(Greendale, Ind.) – Greendale Police have a friendly reminder for folks to use or own off road vehicles.

Keep your ATVs and dirt bikes off the city’s street or highways.

Greendale Police issued a notice Monday stating that the department has been receiving numerous complaints regarding off road vehicles being operated on city streets, trespassing upon private property, and making unreasonable noise.

Officers will be “stringently enforcing all laws pertaining to off road vehicles,” the department says. People violating the laws could face fines, impoundment of their off road vehicle, or even criminal charges.

The notice came with these reminders:

– Off road vehicles are not allowed to be operated upon streets or highways within Greendale. This includes but is not limited to ATVs, four wheelers, and dirt bikes.

– Class B motor driven cycles with engines 49 and under and not operating over 35 MPH must be operated by a person 15 or older with an identification card with a Class B motor driven cycle endorsement.

– Operators must have permission of the property owner if they are operating on private property. Carrying written permission is preferred.

– All operators should be aware of all laws concerning operation before operating off road vehicles. In cases where juveniles violate off road vehicle laws, parents of the juveniles may be cited.

Greendale Police say any questions can be directed to your local police department.