Gregg Hoping Temporary Absence Of Opponent Will Give Him Edge In Governor Race

Posted On July 20, 2016

By Mike Perleberg


John Gregg, Democratic candidate for Indiana governor. Photo by Ray Steup/Wikipedia.

(Indianapolis) – It’s not all Republican headlines in the race for Indiana’s next governor.

Democrat candidate John Gregg says his plan to increase jobs, upgrade infrastructure and improve education will play to all Hoosiers.

“Our message will still reach out to Democrats, independents, and moderate, common sense Republicans and we feel real good,” Gregg said at meeting with the Baptist Ministers Alliance on Tuesday.

Gregg is seeking to become the first Democratic governor of Indiana since Joe Kernan – who stepped in following the death of elected Governor Frank O’Bannon – in 2005. He

The scales appear to have been tipped more towards Gregg’s favor as Republican Governor Mike Pence quit his gubernatorial re-election bid in order to become Donald Trump’s vice presidential running mate last week. It was already a tight race, but Gregg will now have an advantage in terms of fundraising and statewide name recognition over whomever becomes his opponent.

The Democratic candidate has been trying to benefit from the lull on the Republican ticket. Last week while many speculated on whether Mike Pence would become a VP candidate, Gregg unveiled a plan to invest $3.2 billion in Indiana’s infrastructure over the next 10 years. Gregg insists it could be done without raising taxes.

Also playing to Gregg’s cause: The former Indiana Speaker of the House has received a $5000,000 donation from the Democratic Governors Association, his campaign announced Tuesday. Gregg reported raising more than $3 million in the second quarter, making for a cash balance of $5.8 million.

Like many Hoosiers, Gregg is still waiting to see who his opponent will be this fall. The Indiana Republican State Committee will pick next week from Lieutenant Governor Eric Holcomb, Congresswoman Susan Brooks (IN-4), or Congressman Todd Rokita (IN-5).

“They’re almost clones of Governor Pence when it comes to jobs and public education and infrastructure, and we think Hoosiers will see that difference,” Gregg said.

Whomever it is, the Republican gubernatorial nominee will be short on time to fundraise and campaign with the general election only about four months away.


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