Group Of Young Hoosiers Support Marriage Amendment

Posted On February 12, 2014

By Mike Perleberg

Young Hoosiers for Indiana hold a press conference at the Indiana Statehouse Tuesday, January 11. Young Hoosiers for Indiana

Young Hoosiers for Indiana hold a press conference at the Indiana Statehouse Tuesday, January 11.
Young Hoosiers for Indiana

(Indianapolis, Ind.) – A newly-formed group of young people say they support Indiana’s controversial House Joint Resolution 3, which seeks to write a gay marriage ban into the state’s founding document.

While those in the Millennial Generation are typically cast as having more receptive attitudes towards same-sex relationships and marriages, there are those in that demographic on the other side of the issue.

Young Hoosiers for Marriage formed on Facebook about a month ago. It is a coalition, as it states on its Facebook page, “of young Hoosiers who believe in preserving the truth about marriage, and ensuring, wherever possible, all children have a mom and a dad.”

“We stand for the truth that we should seek to protect and strengthen marriage, not undermine it,” said Purdue University student Julie Kitchel.

The group says polling shows that most of Indiana’s young adults stand behind HJR 3. A recent Wilson Perkins Allen Opinion Research survey showed 54 percent of Hoosiers age 18 to 34 support constitutional amendment HJR 3.

A counter organization which opposes HJR 3, Freedom Indiana, has previously released their own poll last September which showed Indiana voters oppose the amendment on a 64 to 36 percent margin. For young voters, the HJR 3 opposition in Freedom Indiana’s polling soared to 83 percent, a spokeswoman for the political action committee told The Indianapolis Star.

“The media claims we don’t exist. Freedom Indiana claims there are none of us left. But as young Hoosiers, we are here today,” said Young Hoosiers for Marriage volunteer Shane Weist during a Tuesday press conference at the Indiana Statehouse.

In passing HJR 3 two weeks ago, the House removed a second sentence from the proposal that would ban same-sex civil unions. Weist said that Young Hoosiers for Marriage believes that language should be restored as the amendment heads to the Senate floor.

“As the second sentence came up and was taken out of the bill, we decided it was an important time to get involved and make sure the entire bill is passed,” he said.

The first reading of HJR 3 in the Senate could take place as soon as Thursday, with Senators able to offer up changes to the amendment, including reinserting the second sentence. However, a vote on the bill cannot happen until Monday at the earliest.


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