Harrison Mayor McGuire Re-Elected

Posted On November 09, 2011

(Harrison, Oh.) – Harrison Mayor Joel McGuire will have a second term in office.


The incumbent won re-election Tuesday with 1,444 votes, or about 46 percent of the vote. Just as he did when he won election four years ago, McGuire was running as an independent.


McGuire beat out two challengers in a three-way race.  Republican Matthew Hiatt garnered 29 percent of the vote and former mayor Dan Gieringer, also running as an independent, had 25 percent support.


Meanwhile, three people were elected to Harrison City Council. Henry Menninger and James Robertson took two of the seats easily with 31.5 and 23.9 percent, respectively.


The third council seat was won by Mark Louis by a far slimmer margin of 34 votes over Judy Kercheval, 22.5 to 22 percent.


Voter turnout in the City of Harrison was very good. Over 52 percent of the city’s 6,044 voters cast a ballot.