Have A Solution? It Could Win You $200

Posted On August 10, 2017

By Mike Perleberg

Photo by Mike Perleberg, Eagle Country 99.3.

(Rising Sun, Ind.) – The City of Rising Sun is enlisting its citizens to help solve problems.

Rising Sun Mayor Brent Bascom has created the Problem/Solution Contest. He wants citizens to write about a problem in the city they observe, and then detail how to resolve it.

“While myself and City Council work hard to do what’s best for our community, it’s very easy to get absorbed in the day-to-day ‘to do list’ and overlook opportunities to preserve, enhance or add something which would benefit us all,” Bascom said in the city newsletter.

The problem must have something to do with the city, such as maintenance, a city service, adding a new business, improving an ordinance, or any other issue.

“But identifying a problem is the easy part,” says Bascom. “The challenge is coming up with a solution which is reasonable, rational and affordable.  We don’t have unlimited financial resources and have to be fiscally responsible with any challenge we take on.”

There’s some incentive to becoming a problem solver. The winner of the contest will receive $200.

Only City of Rising Sun residents are eligible for the contest. Bascom is accepting entries for the Problem/Solution Contest now through September 29. Entries should be sent to bbascom@cityofrisingsun.com; mailed to Mayor Brent Bascom, City of Rising Sun, PO Box 172, Rising Sun, IN 47040; or drop it off in an envelope at Rising Sun City Hall at 200 North Walnut Street. Include your full name, address, and phone number.

Further details and rules about the Problem/Solution Contest can be found at http://www.cityofrisingsun.com/NewsUpdates/tabid/107/ID/568/ProblemSolution-Contest-Will-Net-Winner-200.aspx.