Hey L’burg Residents, Get Your Free Mulch In June

Posted On May 28, 2014

By Mike Perleberg

mulch.jpg(Lawrenceburg, Ind.) – Lawrenceburg city residents in need of some mulch to complete their landscaping are in luck.

The City of Lawrenceburg is offering free mulch to residents. The non-treated, non-dyed mulch will be available for pick-up every Wednesday in June, starting June 4.

Resident can get theirs at the Lawrenceburg City Garage at 602 West Center Street. The mulch will only be offered as long as supplies last.

Questions should be directed to the city garage at (812) 537-7138.



I guess all the people whining about the Fall Fest charging for admission and rides, for those that live outside the 47025 zip code,  will complain about not getting free mulch.  lol


@RBAE76      right you are!!  all of dearborn county voted that boat in, and when we voted it in it was to be in aurora, then lawrenceburg steps in and takes it away because they are the county seat (big deal).  so yea we are upset, you all act as tho that boat money is only yours-its not!!  i could put together a list of things that lawrenceburg residents get that no one else gets-because of boat money.  so tell me what makes you all so much better than everyone else in the county?  GREED thats what!