Holcomb, Gregg On Even Financial Playing Field As Election Looms

Posted On September 08, 2016

By Travis Thayer


(Indianapolis, Ind.) – As the November 8 general election nears, Republican gubernatorial candidate Eric Holcomb has closed the financial gap with Democratic opponent John Gregg.

Lieutenant Governor Eric Holcomb was thrust into Indiana’s gubernatorial race in July after Governor Mike Pence gave up his re-election bid in order to become Donald Trump’s running mate.

At that point, Holcomb hit the campaign trail with only about $20,000 in his campaign account, and there were questions if the Republican candidate had enough time to make up financial ground on Democrat John Gregg – who had more than $5 million on hand.

Pence tried to come to the rescue by pledging his financial support, but because of federal campaign finance laws he was only able to contribute $1.25 million of his $7.4 million in campaign funds.

Despite a late start and federal laws, The Indianapolis Star reported Thursday that Holcomb has raised more than $4.2 million in large contributions since becoming the Republican gubernatorial nominee on July 26.

Most of the funding came from the Republican Governor’s Association, who pledged $2.3 million to Holcomb’s campaign, including almost $844,000 for television advertising and polling.

In the same time period, the Gregg campaign raised around $785,000 in large contributions. Most of Gregg’s money has come from labor organizations and the Democratic Governors Association.

Last month, a Cook Political Report showed only a seven point margin between Gregg and Holcomb.

Now that the two gubernatorial candidates are on an even financial playing field, the race looks to be even closer.


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