Hoog Running For House District 68

Posted On June 15, 2012

Jake Hoog


(Sunman, Ind.) – The chairman of the Dearborn County Democrat Party will run for state representative in House District 68.


Sunman resident Jake Hoog has been selected to seek the office in November. He was unopposed in a Democrat caucus to select a candidate.


House District 68 includes all or parts of Dearborn, Franklin, and Union counties.


Hoog’s name will appear on the November 8 ballot opposite incumbent Republican Jud McMillin, a Brookville attorney who is serving his first term in the Indiana Statehouse.


Hoog said he would oppose Indiana’s right to work law, which prevents unions and companies from forming agreements requiring all employees to join the union or pay a fee as a condition of employment.


“With the price of gas and food on a steady increase, I do not think that I would be very happy with the right to work for a lesser wage, but evidently your current state representative, who voted in favor of the bill, feels that is what is best for everyone. I believe it benefits no one,” said Hoog.


With the economy not in a very sound or reliable state, Hoog believes government can help.


“Our government can help provide the incentives to ensure that businesses- both  big and small –  have the opportunity to survive and grow. We can provide the infrastructure necessary for all businesses to expand and build and maintain good  roads and bridges that customers and workers need for access to them,” he said.


In his last political endeavor in 2010, Hoog ran unsuccessfully for Dearborn County Council being defeated by Republican Dennis Kraus 69.5 percent to 30.5 percent.