House Passes Watered-Down Smoking Ban

Posted On March 09, 2012

(Indianapolis, Ind.) – A compromise bill banning smoking in some areas of Indiana has passed the state House and will be taken up by the Senate. 


The legislation gives exemption to bars, casinos, tobacco shops and private clubs and bans smoking in other workplaces.


Governor Mitch Daniels is expected to sign the legislation when it hits his desk.


Some House lawmakers wanted bars included in the ban, but said they had to agree to the exemption to ensure the ban was passed. It passed late Thursday on a 60-33 vote.


The Senate could hold a discussion and vote on the bill Friday. Senators narrowly passed the bill last week, 29-21.


If the bill does not earn passage in the Senate, a committee of leaders from each chamber could convene again to tweak a compromise version of the legislation.


The deadline for the General Assembly to pass legislation is midnight on Wednesday, March 14.




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