Houseguest Accused Of Stealing Credit Card

Posted On April 29, 2014

By Mike Perleberg

(Ohio County, Ind.) – An Ohio County couple who welcomed a stranger into their home for one night later found that they had been taken for more than $100.

In February, Kimberly Ann Sheppard, 51, of Racine, Wisconsin, was visiting the area travelling with a friend. Sheppard and her friend stayed at that friend’s grandparents’ home on Hartford Pike Road.

That night, Sheppard allegedly stole a credit card from the grandparents. When the grandmother went to use the card later one, she noticed it was missing.

The couple cancelled the credit card, but not before three fraudulent charges totaling $140 had been made to it on February 11 at the Walmart store in Shelbyville, Indiana.

Ohio County Sheriff’s investigators reviewed surveillance video from the store. The couple identified the card user as Sheppard.

A warrant for Sheppard’s arrest was issued March 4. Sheppard appeared in Ohio County Circuit Court for an initial hearing Monday and pleaded not guilty to a charge of Theft. She was released for previously posting a $500 bond.

A pretrial hearing is scheduled for June 23.


How do they know the stranger did it? It says, "Sheppard and her friend stayed..." So it could have been the friend/family member. Most surveillance videos aren't clear in my experience.

There's a lot of questions here, too. Why three separate charges and less than 150. Also, if it's credit card, they can see who signed the card and do a handwriting analysis. Wouldnt that be the first place to check though. Did the video show her using the card in question?

I'm just not sure how they can arrest someone over what seems like someone pointing a finger and saying, "They did it!" Without any real evidence to back it up I'm unconvinced.


She was a preacher's wife of all things