Husband Shot With BBs, Wife Run Over By SUV

Posted On July 18, 2013

(Lawrenceburg, Ind.) – An argument between a Lawrenceburg couple allegedly escalated to the woman shooting the man repeatedly with a BB gun before he ran her over with their SUV.


Travis M. Riley, 25, is charged with Aggravated Battery (Class B felony), Battery by Means of a Deadly Weapon (Class C felony), and Criminal Recklessness with a Deadly Weapon Resulting in Serious Bodily Injury (Class C felony).


Late Tuesday night, Travis Riley, 25, and his wife, Ashley Riley, were arguing in their home at Lawrenceburg Village Apartments on Valley Drive, Lawrenceburg Police detectives wrote in a court affidavit. Travis Riley left the couple’s apartment in their Dodge Durango and drove to the nearby parking lot at Shady Nook Care Center where he parked and went to sleep.


Police say another woman told Ashley Riley where her husband could be found. She grabbed a BB gun and walked up a hill to the parking lot where she found the SUV.


“Ms. Riley stated that she was going to shoot out the headlights and taillights of the vehicle so that Riley could not drive,” investigators said in the affidavit detailing the investigation.


After Ashley had fired a few shots, Travis became angry, Ashley told detectives. Police would learn after speaking to Travis that Ashley had shot him with the BB gun at close range several times, evidenced by indentations on his hands observed by investigators.


At some point, Ashley Riley began to walk away, but continued shooting at her husband, Travis told police. That’s when he began to drive the Durango next to his wife. According to what Ashley Riley and various witnesses at the nearby apartments observed hearing, Travis Riley revved the engine.


“Riley stated that he was following Ms. Riley as she was walking away and he swerved the vehicle to scare Ms. Riley but the vehicle went up on the curb and ran over Ms. Riley,” the affidavit read.


Ashley Riley would later tell police that she didn’t believe Travis ran over her on purpose. With his wife seriously injured, witnesses observed Travis Riley exit the stopped vehicle and crouching down next to Ashley. A witness who ran to the scene told police that they saw the BB gun lying on the ground about four feet away from Ashley.


A fellow Village Apartments resident moved the SUV back to the apartment parking lot at the request of Travis Riley.


Ashley Riley was rushed to University Hospital Medical Center in Cincinnati. Doctors found she had numerous rib fractures and a punctured lung. When detectives spoke with Riley to get her account of the events she appeared to be in a lot of pain, according to the affidavit.


Lawrenceburg Police Det. Jeremy Shepherd said Thursday that Ashley Riley remains in the hospital recovering from her injuries. She is not likely to be charged, he added.


Travis Riley is held in jail at the Dearborn County Law Enforcement Center on $100,000 surety and $1,500 cash bond.