IDHS: Switzerland Co. EMS In Violation Of Several Rules

Posted On November 18, 2015

Press release from Indiana Department of Homeland Security

Emergency Medical Services (EMS) for the Indiana Department of Homeland Security (IDHS) has issued findings and orders regarding the Switzerland County Emergency Medical Services and the Switzerland County EMS Training Institution.

Following an extensive investigation, state homeland security EMS determined that the two entities were in violation of several Indiana EMS rules adopted under Indiana Code 16-31. Violations included lack of proper records and documentation. Both entities will operate under a two year probation, according to the order, and must submit specific paperwork over the course of the probation period.

Additionally, state homeland security EMS is scheduling a skills assessment for EMS staff trained by the Switzerland County EMS Training Institution and who are currently working in Switzerland County. The skills assessment will use a format similar to a regular EMS certification process. Individuals who have had their certifications renewed through another EMS organization will not be required to take the assessment.

“The goal with the skills assessment of the EMS staff is to help put the community at ease,” said Mike Garvey, director of EMS with state homeland security. “While we have received no complaints about patient care, we hope that the assessment will allow local EMS professionals to demonstrate that they are providing proficient, knowledgeable care to their communities.”

Certifications for either program can be suspended or revoked if provisions within the order are not met during the two-year probation period.


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