IHSAA Considers Changing Ind. HS Basketball Tourney

Posted On May 06, 2014

By Mike Perleberg

basketball-on-court-02022012.jpg(Indianapolis, Ind.) – A proposal that would reduce Indiana’s high school basketball state tournament from four classes to just three has been tabled by the Indiana High School Athletic Association Executive Committee.

The committee met Monday in Indianapolis to discuss the proposal from the Indiana Basketball Coaches Association. While it’s not a full throwback to Indiana’s old single class state tournament done away with in 1997, it would allow for more local rivalry games to be played in the sectional rounds.

The IBCA’s idea would create a so-called “hybrid” system for the boys and girls hoops tournaments. Among the three classes, each would house two divisions at the sectional level resulting in 80 different sectionals. Those sectional winners would then come together in each class at the regional round.

The executive committee isn’t dismissing the proposal. Members voted to form a joint task force of IHSAA board members, assistant commissioners Phil Gardner and Sandra Walter, members of the IBCA and the athletic directors association to conduct further study.

The committee will meet over the next several months and report back to the IHSAA executive committee at its October meeting.

“There is some interest in this proposal but it has a lot of moving parts with financial implications for our member schools,” said IHSAA Commissioner Bobby Cox. “We decided creating a task force was a good course of action to further study the impact and its feasibility.”

In another vote held Monday, the executive committee voted to extend junior varsity basketball quarters from six minutes to seven minutes. Freshman game quarters will remain at six minutes and varsity games at eight minutes.