Ind. Begins Pothole Repair Blitz

Posted On February 07, 2014

By Mike Perleberg

pothole-small.jpg(Indianapolis, Ind.) – When they are not battling snowy roads, Indiana Department of Transportation crews will be targeting potholes.

That’s the promise from Indiana Governor Mike Pence and the Indiana Department of Transportation.

On Thursday, Pence and INDOT officials announced a “strategic” repair blitz for 30,000 miles of state highways that will have INDOT crews working 12 hour shifts.

“It is unquestionable that this year, because of the weather conditions, more potholes have erupted across the State of Indiana,” said Pence at the announcement held at an Indianapolis area state highway garage. “As the winter continues to hammer communities, we expect this to be a continuing condition.”

The governor said INDOT is activating asphalt plants that are typically shut down in the winter to make sure crews have enough materials to fill the holes and make repairs.

While crews have often been busy this winter removing ice and snow, they have worked to patch potholes in between storms. Even after being filled with cold patch of asphalt, the same pothole can reopen several times throughout winter, requiring ongoing maintenance.

According to the governor’s office, INDOT has spent about $2.9 million, expended about 81,000 employee man hours, and used about 6,900 tons of material since the current fiscal year began July 1.

“This is about more than just making sure the roads are smooth or avoiding the nuisance of potholes. This is about taking a decisive step to ensure that we have the infrastructure in Indiana to support our growing economy,” Pence said.

For every dollar invested, research estimates that pavement preservation saves taxpayers $6 to $14 in future maintenance and construction costs.

Hoosiers are encouraged to report locations of potholes on Indiana interstates, U.S. highways and state roads by calling 1-866-849-1DOT or going to www.potholes.indot.in.gov. Potholes can also be reported on Twitter by tweeting @INDOTpotholes.