Ind. Dems: Put Right To Work To Voters

Posted On January 13, 2012

Indiana Statehouse

(Indianapolis, Ind.) – Indiana’s Democrats want hotly-debated union legislation to be decided by Hoosier voters, and they may get the chance to make it happen.


House Speaker Pat Bauer (D-South Bend) held a press conference at the Indiana Statehouse Friday morning to announce that his part will try to add an amendment to a right to work bill, House Bill 1001, that would put it up for a referendum.


Bauer, however, wants a guarantee that House Speaker Brian Bosma (R-Indianapolis) would not invoke a “bill pending” rule to block Democrats from formally suggesting the amendment.


Bosma said later Friday morning that he would allow the Democrats to seek the amendment.


There would have to be at least some Republican support for the referendum amendment to be added. Democrats are outnumbered in the House 60-40.


The bill is scheduled to be heard in the full House of Representatives on Tuesday.


If House Bill 1001 becomes law, it would make Indiana the country’s 23rd right to work state, meaning companies and labor unions would not be allowed to form contracts requiring non-union employees to pay fees.




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