Ind. Gas Prices Up Due To Limited Refineries

Posted On June 15, 2012

(Indianapolis, Ind.) – Indiana’s attorney general says his office is keeping an eye out for gas stations who are price gouging.


AAA says Indiana has the seventh highest gas prices in the country at $3.78 per gallon as of Thursday. In fact, prices across the Midwest are high: Michigan prices are sixth highest, Illinois 10th, and Ohio 12th.


Attorney General Greg Zoeller says his office has been monitoring prices.


He believes prices are higher in the Midwest because the region’s oil supply has dropped. Zoeller says one refinery is shut down and three others – all in Illinois – are partially closed. Those four refineries account for 81 percent of oil production in Illinois and Indiana.


“While prices at the pump have increased so have our office’s efforts to monitor and track fluctuations,” Zoeller said. “It appears that this latest hike is a direct impact of the supply chain being disrupted. It is our hope that once these refineries come back online Hoosiers will start to see a lower price on the retail level.”


The attorney general’s office has taken 65 gas price-related complains this month. Ninety percent of those complaints have come in the past week.


Zoeller said his office has authority over retail price gouging only and the Federal Trade Commission has jurisdiction over wholesale price gouging. Illegal pricing activities can include agreements between retailers to fix prices, deceptive sales acts or excessive prices during a state of emergency.


Hoosiers who want to report suspected price gouging at retail stations can do so by calling the Attorney General’s Office hotline toll-free at 1-866-241-9753.




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