Ind. Governor Won’t Allow State To Recognize Same Sex Marriages

Posted On July 09, 2014

By Mike Perleberg

Indiana Governor Mike Pence

Indiana Governor Mike Pence

(Indianapolis, Ind.) – Same sex marriages performed in Indiana last month will not be recognized, at least for now.

Mark G. Ahearn, chief counsel to Governor Mike Pence, sent a memo to all executive branches on Monday, The Indianapolis Star reports. In it, Ahearn writes that Indiana’s law banning same sex marriage “is in full force and effect and executive branch agencies are to execute their functions as though the U.S. District Court Order of June 25, 2014 had not been issued.”

Pence had ordered that all executive branch agencies follow the order from U.S. District Court Judge Richard L. Young while also supporting Attorney General Greg Zoeller’s appeal of the ruling overturning the marriage law. Zoeller’s request for a stay on Young’s ruling was granted by the U.S. 7th Circuit Court of Appeals on June 27, putting a stop to a litany of same-sex marriages that had taken place across the state.

Ahearn’s instructions stated that “in compliance with the rule of law, the State will comply with the Court of Appeal’s individual order recognizing the marriage of Amy Sandler and Nikole Quasney.” The appeals court lifted the stay of the district court ruling of the lesbian couple on July 1. Quasney has been diagnosed with stage four ovarian cancer.

Like many states where gay marriage bans are being challenged, Indiana’s law will likely be decided when the U.S. Supreme Court rules on the issue.

Indiana Democratic Party Chairman John Zody called Pence’s refusal to recognize last month’s marriages “predictable.”

“For most newlyweds, they have time to enjoy their union and the creation of a new family. Instead, the Attorney General stalled by providing foggy guidance in order for uncertainty to continue, giving the Pence Administration plenty of time to find legal loopholes to perpetuate the notion that our state’s welcome mat should only be out for some – those who fall under his narrow notion of a Hoosier family.”

Zody was also critical of Pence using a staffer to inform citizens that the gay marriages won’t be recognized.


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FastEd, branding someone a hater just because they have a different position on "Gay rights" is childish. This is America, land of the free. Free to shack up with whomever you want. But marry?  I don't agree with it either, but I wouldn't challenge the ruling if I was governor. Jimmy Dee is right, the governor is wasting his time and taxpayer dollars fighting it.

Jimmy Dee
Jimmy Dee

Jimmy D, Whiting

As a Hoosier who has no troublr with same sex marriages I wouuld like to have the guv and all his toadies quit wasting the taxpayers money on frivolous law suits.

Wake up TPers and all the rest of you anti same sex marriage people. These anti same sex marriages marriage laws have been struck down in 19 states and the other 31 will also have their laws stuck down.also,  It is only a matter of time.

Spend the money you intend to waste on something useful, like infrastructure repairs or better still start restoring the nearly billion dollars you and your predecessor stole from the funds intended to help to bring IN into the 21st century educationwise.