Ind. House Democrats End Legislative Boycott

Posted On January 10, 2012

Indiana Statehouse

(Indianapolis, Ind.) – After halting activity by not showing up for session last week, Indiana House Democrats are back on the job. 


With 67 members required for a quorum necessary to conduct House business, 98 members were present. Two were excused for personal reasons.


Minority Leader Patrick Bauer (D-South Bend) explained they stayed out of session last week due to their concerns over the right to work legislation. House Bill 1001 would outlaw agreements between companies and unions requiring non-union members to pay a fee.

“What we have attempted to do is to give this bill a public hearing,” Bauer said from the House floor Monday.


Bauer also said Republicans should wait until next year to try and pass right to work legislation, after this year’s elections.

Democrats held three public meetings over the past weekend to give people the chance to be heard, and said they’ve energized union members and others to fight the proposal. 

Governor Daniels was thankful it doesn’t appear House Democrats will stage another lengthy walkout over right to work legislation. 


“I’m glad they’ve come back to business now. I think it’s appropriate and time to get to work,” the governor said.


However, Bauer cautioned that his caucus had only returned for Monday and could walk out again before the 2012 session ends.


House Speaker Brian Bosma (R-Indianapolis) said the bill will receive a hearing in the House Employment, Labor and Pensions Committee on Wednesday. The full House could vote on it by Friday.


A state Senate committee voted 6-4 on Friday to pass the measure to the full Senate.




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