Ind. Lawmakers To Outline Legislative Priorities At Organization Day

Posted On November 20, 2017

Guest column by State Rep. Randy Frye (R-Greensburg) 

(Indianapolis, Ind.) – On Tuesday, Nov. 21, lawmakers throughout the state will return to the Statehouse to begin outlining their legislative priorities for the upcoming year. This meeting, also known as Organization Day, always falls on the third Tuesday in November and serves as the ceremonial start of the legislative session.

While session does not officially begin until January, legislators will be using this time to meet with staff and fellow lawmakers from the House and the Senate in both Republican and Democrat caucuses to discuss many of the legislative topics that could be considered in the coming months.

This year, the House Republican caucus will also welcome two new members. Steve Bartels of Eckerty will serve as state representative for House District 74, and Shane Lindauer from Jasper will take on the role of state representative of House District 63. They bring new perspectives and plenty of experience to the General Assembly, and I am excited to work with them to serve Indiana.

Indiana’s legislature is part-time, meaning lawmakers meet for only a portion of the year. This allows for members to live and work in the communities they serve. This year, we will conclude session on March 15.

Organization Day also marks the first day legislators are allowed to file bills. It is an extremely busy time for the Legislative Services Agency. The non-partisan attorneys at LSA are tasked with helping prepare legislation after an idea has been proposed. During session, they also help create amendments.

As session approaches, I look forward to addressing the issues that are most important to our community and the future of our state, like combating opioid abuse and preparing Hoosiers for the workforce.

To stay informed and engaged throughout session, visit iga.in.gov to stream committee hearings and session meetings. Event calendars, agendas, proposed legislation and more can also be found on this site.

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