Ind. Reducing Early Elective Deliveries for Expectant Mothers

Posted On January 30, 2014

By Katlyn Reece

(Undated) – The Indiana Hospital Association and the Indiana State Department of Health have announced significant progress in reducing Indiana’s early elective delivery rate for expectant mothers.

Through quality improvement initiatives, Indiana hospitals have reduced early elective deliveries before 39 weeks to a rate of less than three percent, down from 11 percent in 2012. Groups such as the Indiana Perinatal Network and the Indiana Office of Medicaid Policy and Planning advise against early elective deliveries without medical reason to prevent complications at birth for both the mother and the infant.

“This significant reduction in Indiana’s early detective delivery rate shows that hospitals have made tremendous strides in improving the quality of life for both mothers and their newborns,” said Doug Leonard, president of the Indiana Hospital Association.

The Indiana Perinatal Quality Improvement Collaborative recommends a hard-stop policy to ensure procedures are in place among hospitals across Indiana. Over 400 dangerous early elective deliveries were avoided last year because of such policies, said Leonard.