Ind. Supreme Court Hears Charlie White Case

Posted On March 01, 2012

(Indianapolis, Ind.) – The Indiana Supreme Court will allow more briefs to be filed today in the case of who should replace Charlie White as Secretary of State.


Justices began hearing arguments Tuesday after White was bounced out of office earlier in February after being convicted of six felonies in a Hamilton County, Ind. jury trial.


Justice Brent Dickson questioned Democratic Party lawyer Karen Celestino-Horsemaan about the reason for the case against White.


“He was not legally registered to vote in the state of Indiana,” Celestino-Horsemaan told the justices. 


Democrat Vop Osili, who lost to White in 2010, seeks to take office but said he will abide by the court’s ruling.


“I trust our Supreme Court justices to hear the facts as presented and to make a clear decision,” Osili said.


If the court sides with White and the Indiana Recount Commission – the commission ruled last year that White was eligible to hold office – Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels would be given the right to select a new Secretary of State.


White has already been removed as Secretary of State following his jury trial, with Daniels then naming chief deputy Secretary of State Jerry Bonnet as interim secretary.




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