Indiana Burglary Rates About Average

Posted On May 18, 2017

By Trey Warren, 24/7 News Source

(Undated) – A home security company spokesperson is offering tips to help Hoosiers avoid being a burglary victim this summer.

Melina Engel with SimpliSafe says homes can be inviting to burglars when homeowners go on vacation and their lawn is overgrown and mail piles up.

“Get to know your neighbors. That’s a little old school, but when they’re away you can watch out for them, and when you’re away they can watch out for you,” says Engel.

She says to put your mail on hold while you’re away, and to avoid ordering packages.  It’s also a good idea to wait until you come home to post your vacation pictures to social media.

Engel says 175,000 property crimes occur in Indiana every year.

“That’s about average,” she adds.