Indiana Government? There’s An App For That

Posted On May 07, 2014

By Mike Perleberg

iphone-texting-fingers-hands-10220213.jpg(Undated) – Hoosiers can find any information they need to know about the State of Indiana in the palm of their hand.

The state announced Wednesday that it has introduced a new version of the IN.gov iOS app.

Also, the state website, www.IN.gov, has been revamped. The website redesign was done to place more emphasis on mobile users, who make up 40 percent of traffic on the site. It also allows visitors to customize their content.

According to a state press release, the top level navigation was remapped in a more intuitive design to make it easier to find agencies. Each of the seven categories serves as its own portal, featuring the top content from those specific agencies. The site has prominent access to the transparency page and a map with multiple layers to find local state offices, parks and historical archives.

The new IN.gov iOS app delivers content in a native format. Users can add calendar events to their own calendars or read news releases. An Android app is still in development, according to the release.

The website and app were developed by the Indiana Office of Technology, Indiana Interactive and Ball State University’s Emerging Technology unit.