Indiana Men Accused In Harrison Bank Robbery

Posted On August 28, 2014

By Mike Perleberg


Jeremiah Kellems (left) and Curtis Sims are held in connection with a bank robbery that occurred in Harrison Wednesday. Photos by Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office.


(Harrison, Oh.) – Police have identified two men accused in a bank robbery in Harrison Wednesday.

Jeremiah Kellems, 32, of Waldon, Indiana and Curtis Sims, 32, of Shelbyville, Indiana are both held in the Hamilton County Jail charged with robbery. They have each been assigned $100,000 bonds.

Investigators say Kellems went into the bank to commit the robbery while Sims allegedly served as the getaway driver. The two were caught shortly after the holdup on Interstate 74 in Harrison.

A grand jury hearing has been scheduled for September 8, each man’s case file shows.

The men had outstanding warrants in other states. Kellems was a fugitive in Kenton County, Kentucky, according to jail records. Sims was also wanted on a warrant out of Shelby County, Indiana.


Harrison Bank Robbery Suspect Caught On I-74



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Wizard of Osgood
Wizard of Osgood

Looks like we got a couple of boys getting ready to go on a vacation for about 20 years. Enjoy the food and hospitality boys!