Indiana Smokers Spend Over $1 Million A Year

Posted On January 22, 2016

By Veronica Carter, Indiana News Service


(Indianapolis, Ind.) – New research put together by the online survey company WalletHub determined the average cost to each of America’s 66 million tobacco users from $24,000 to $50,000 a year, depending on where they live.

Jill Gonzalez with WalletHub says over a lifetime, that can add up to more than 1.4 million dollars for each smoker in Indiana.

“A lot of times it’s not something you think about. Just investing five, six, all the way up to $12 a day into the stock market, that’s how much money you could be earning. So, forget the Powerball, this could be a one-stop shop for you, if you just quit smoking.”

People try to quit smoking ever day and fail. According to the C-D-C, nicotine is nearly as addictive as heroin and quitting can take several attempts because of withdrawal symptoms such as anxiety, irritability and cravings.

Emily Lee with the American Lung Association of the Midland States says success is possible.

“It may be hard right now but, if you work through it, the long-term benefits way outweigh the struggles you are having right now because the withdrawal is temporary and will subside. And in the long run, there’s more health benefits to not smoking.”

Smoking causes about a half million premature deaths in the U.S. every year, and it’s the leading cause of lung cancer.