Posted On February 10, 2014


Indiana Primary Election – Tuesday, May 6, 2014        

Indiana Secretary of State Election Division
Kentucky State Board of Elections
April 16 - Stratton Assumes Ripley County Sheriff After Winning GOP Caucus
April 15 - Ind. Senate Candidate Perfect Endorsed By Indiana Farm Bureau
April 9 - Absentee Voting Begins In Indiana
March 19 – Local Lawyer’s Congressional Campaign Gets Key Endorsement
March 13 – State Senate Candidate Perfect Gains Chamber Endorsement
Feb. 10 - Primary Election Matchups Set As Filing Deadline Passes
Feb. 7 – Ripley County’s McDonald Files For Senate District 43
Jan. 24 – Messer Files For Re-Election
Jan. 13 – Siekman Announces Run For Ind. 6th District
Jan. 10 – Commissioner McHenry Announces Re-Election Bid
Dec. 2 – Nugent Won’t Seek Re-Election; Will Endorse Perfect

Eagle 99.3 is committed to covering southeast Indiana’s local elections in the very important 2014 election season. We’ll be updating our Indiana Votes 2014 webpage with information on elections in Dearborn, Franklin, Ohio, Ripley, and Switzerland counties during the May 6 primaries and through the November 4 general election. Local voters should make it a point to check this page frequently for updated information.



U.S. Congress Indiana 6th District

Susan Hall Heitzman (D)

Lane Siekman (D)

Corinne Nicole Westerfield (D)

Luke Messer (R, inc.)


Indiana Senate District 27

Jerome “Jake” Hoog (D)

Eric Atkinson (R)

Jeff Raatz (R)

Doug Williamson (R)

R. Bruce Wissel (R)


Indiana Senate District 42



Indiana Senate District 43

Rudy Howard (D)

Bill McDonald (R)

Chip Perfect (R)

Mark Schneider (R)


Indiana House District 55

Glenn E. Bailey (D)

Cindy Ziemke (R, inc.)


Indiana House District 67

Randy Frye (R, inc.)


Indiana House District 68

Rick Gill (D)

Jud McMillin (R, inc.)



County Sheriff

Mike Kreinhop (R, inc.)


Superior Court I Judge

Jonathan Cleary (R, inc.)


Dearborn-Ohio County Prosecuting Attorney 

Aaron Negangard (R, inc.)


County Commissioner District 3

Aaron Watson (D)

Shane McHenry (R, inc.)


County Council District 1

Andrew Addison (D)

Liz Morris (R, inc.)


County Council District 2

Dan Lansing (D)


County Council District 3

Kevin Turner (D)

Maynard Barrett (R, inc.)

Vickie L. Hon (R)


County Council District 4

Philip “Flippy” Darling (D)

Dennis A. Kraus (R, inc.)


County Assessor

Gary Randy Hensley Sr. (R, inc.)


County Auditor 

Gayle L. Pennington (R, inc.)


County Recorder

Glenn Wright (R, inc.)


Town of Dillsboro Clerk-Treasurer

Janice Sullivan (R)


Town of Dillsboro Council At-Large

Tom Wafford (R)


Town of Dillsboro Council District 1

Rick Fields (R)


Town of Dillsboro Council District 2

Mary Lou Powers (R)


Center Township Trustee

Nancy Fahey Turner (D)


Clay Township Trustee

Ryan W. Brandt (R)

Jerry Cladwell (R)


Harrison Township Trustee

Denise Cottingham Bowling (R)

Dennis “Denny” Winia (R)


Lawrenceburg Township Trustee

Lonnie Walcott (D)


Logan Township Trustee

Myrtle W. White (R)


Manchester Township Trustee

Laura N. Ankenman (R)


Miller Township Trustee

Patricia A. Little (R)


Sparta Township Trustee 

Craig Beckley (R)


Washington Township Trustee

David Wunderlich (R)


York Township Trustee 

Leo Martin (D)



County Sheriff

Barry Bischoff (R)

Kenneth Murphy (R, inc.)

John Roberts Jr. (R)


Superior Court II Judge

Clay M. Kellerman (R, inc.)


County Prosecutor

Mel Wilhelm (D, inc.)


County Commissioner District 1

Chester Benton Ball (D)

Dale Maxie (D)

Scott McDonough (R, inc.)

Eric E. Roberts (R)


County Commissioner District 2

Louis J. “Louie” Fasbinder (D)

M. P Allen (R)

Tom Linkel (R, inc.)


County Council District 1

Joe Sizemore (R, inc.)


County Council District 2

Keith Hall (R)


County Council District 3

Jeff Koch (R, inc.)


County Council District 4

Carroll Lanning (D)

Aaron M. Leffingwell (R, inc.)

Curtis Ward (R)

Jimmy Webb (R)


County Clerk of Courts

Karla Bauman (R, inc.)


County Assessor

Sharon K. Halcomb (D, inc.)


County Auditor

Stephen Brack (R, inc.)

Jerry Erfman (D)


County Coroner

Wanda (Tink) Lee (R, inc.)


Brookville Town Council District 2

Darrel Flaspohler (D, inc.)


Brookville Town Council District 4

Haroline Ison (R)

Catherine J. Pelsor (D)



County Sheriff

Francis “Swede” Colen (D)

Frank McIntosh (R)

Glen Potts (R)

John Roberts (R)


Dearborn-Ohio County Prosecutor

Aaron Negangard (R, inc.)


County Commissioner District 1

Todd Ray Walton (D)


County Council District 1

Douglas A. Baker (R)


County Council District 2

Dill Dorrell (D)


County Council District 3

Don Grace (R)


County Council District 4

Jeff Iceberg (D)


County Assessor

Bobby Joe Keith (R)


County Auditor

Deb Cappel (D)


County Recorder

Andrea Grimsley (D)

Deedee Brown (R)


County Coroner



County Surveyor

Wayne Stahl


Cass Township Trustee

LaVerne Hayes (D)

Bridget Brown Bowling (R)


Pike Township

Janet Iceberg (D)


Randolph Township Trustee

Ethel “Sissy” Lamkin (R)


Union Township Trustee

Deidre “DeeDee” Helton (R)



County Sheriff

Timothy “Tim” Sutton (D)

Josh Thompson (D)

Rob Bradley (R)

Jeff Cumberworth (R)

Joseph “Joe” Mann (R)

Circuit Court Judge

Ryan King (R)


Superior Court Judge

John Kellerman II (D)

Jeff Sharp (R)


County Prosecutor

Richard J. “Ric” Hertel (R)


County Commissioner District 1

Bill Flannery (R)

Jay Gayheart (R)

Robert J. “Bob” Linville (R)

Stan Wiedeman (R)


County Council District 1

William “Bill” Dramman (D)

Ron Decker (R)


County Council District 2

Patricia Dephane Smith (R)


County Council District 3

Chad Pindell (R)

David C. Simon (R)


County Council District 4

Edward L. Armbrecht (D)


County Assessor

Shawna Bushhorn (R)


County Auditor

William “Bill” Wagner


County Surveyor 

Jeffrey P. French (R)


Osgood Town Council

Linda Krinop (R)

Norman Kappes (D)


Adams Township Trustee

Edward Gindling (D)


Brown Township Trustee

Janice M. Wittich (D)

Kenneth “Sam” Copeland Jr. (R)

Center Township Trustee

Brenda J. Warren (R)


Delaware Township Trustee

Paul A. Hardy (R)


Franklin Township Trustee

William “Mike” Kissell (R)


Jackson Township Trustee

Annette Pindell (R)


Johnson Township Trustee

Toni Gray-Halcomb (R)


Laughery Township Trustee

Harold Ellinghausen (R)

Chris Bradford (R)


Otter Creek Township Trustee

Cynthia Melton (D)


Shelby Township Trustee

Phillip Morgan (D)

Stacey Schmaltz (D)


Washington Township Trustee

Jeffery J. Poole (R)



County Sheriff

Nathan Hughes (D)

Roy Leap (D, inc.)

Samuel Girod (R)

Robert Stockmeier (R)


County Commissioner District 3

Mark A. Lohide (D, inc.)

Thomas R. Stow (R)


County Council District 1

Thomas A. Conroy (D, inc.)


County Council District 2

Michael Jones (D, inc.)


County Council District 3

Glenn Scott (R, inc.)


County Council District 4

Jeff Darling (D, inc.)

Christopher See (D)


County Clerk of Courts

Kimberly A. Hambrick (D, inc.)

Elodia G. Sullivan (R)


County Assessor

Joan Armstrong (D, inc.)


County Auditor

Carla J. Harsin (D)

Gayle A. Rayles (R, inc.)


Cotton Township Trustee

Barbara Bowling (D)


Jefferson Township Trustee

Helen Peelman (D)


Pleasant Township Trustee

Jim Wingate (D)

Melissa “Missy” Stow (R)


Posey Township Trustee

Joey Rider (R)


York Township Trustee

Andrea Brogan (D)

Clifford “Kip” Hatton (D)

Dale Patterson (D)

Jeffrey Weales (D)



Go Democrats! the republican does not represent the next generation.