Individual ISTEP Scores Released; Not School Scores

Posted On September 10, 2013

By Mike Perleberg


(Indianapolis, Ind.) – After weeks of delays, ISTEP+ test scores are finally available in Indiana.


School and district-wide results won’t be out until next month, but parents can now see their individual child’s score online. The scores are available at http://www.INParentNetwork.com.


Last week, an Indiana Department of Education spokesperson said that approximately 1,300 scores will be invalidated because of computer problems that interrupted the test for students at nearly every school in Indiana. A report released in July found about 80,000 students in third through eighth grade had at least one part of the statewide standardized test interrupted when server glitches from state contractor CTB McGraw Hill kicked them offline in the middle of testing this past spring.


Lawrenceburg Community Schools had one of the highest rates of students affected by the testing interruptions: 303 students, or 35-percent of test-takers.


Students in most every other southeast Indiana school district were affected as well, to varying degrees in each district. Numbers provided by the Indiana Department of Education:


Batesville Community Schools, 60 students, 7 percent

Franklin County Community Schools, 296 students, 25 percent

Jac-Cen-Del Community Schools, 44 students, 11 percent

Milan Community Schools, 17 students, 3 percent

Rising Sun Ohio County Schools, 13 students, 3 percent

South Dearborn Community Schools, 212 students, 18 percent

South Ripley Community Schools, 60 students, 12 percent

Sunman-Dearborn Community Schools, 142 students, 8 percent

Switzerland County Schools, 62 students, 11 percent




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