INDOT Begins Work On US 50, I-275 Ramps

Posted On July 09, 2014

Press release from Indiana Department of Transportation

(Greendale, Ind. ) – The Indiana Department of Transportation is making full-depth concrete repairs in advance of installing a 2¼-inch overlay on ramps connecting U.S. Highway 50 with Interstate 275 east of Lawrenceburg.

Construction signs went up Monday.  Crews were mobilized Tuesday.  Extensive patching is scheduled to begin next Monday, July 14.

INDOT officials do not anticipate significant impact to traffic flow.  During Phase I operations, motorists will be shifted to one side of the connector ramps while work is being done on opposite side.  Phase II—which will begin in a month—switches traffic and work sides.

There will be an 11-foot width restriction on ramp lanes.

Duncan Robertson Inc., is the state’s contractor for this U.S. 50 bridge deck rehabilitation project located 1.27 miles north of the Indiana-Kentucky state line.  It is charged with ramp repairs and the concrete overlay, and replacing the concrete approach slabs and pavement transitions.


So INDOT claim traffic will NOT be affected? Have they seen traffic on Friday afternoons? LMAO

Thanks to a bad design from the beginning, things will only get worse. Some one needs to step up and re-design the entire ramp system. But seeing how things work in our great state, they'll repave and then in another 10 years decide the ramps need more work. Thanks INDOT for wasting our tax dollars!