INDOT Says To Keep Signs Off Highways

Posted On April 06, 2012

(Aurora, Ind.) – Folks running for political office in Indiana are being reminded about where not to place their yard signs.


The Indiana Department of Transportation says campaign signs are prohibited from federal and state highway right of ways. State law requires INDOT workers to remove signs from all interstates and interchanges; all intersections with a state or federal highway; and all right-of-ways paralleling federal or state highways.


INDOT crews will not pull signs placed behind the ditch, fence line or beyond the public utility poles.


Workers will remove improperly placed signs and store them at the nearest INDOT subdistrict office where they can be reclaimed later.


The local INDOT subdistrict offices can be found at:


Aurora Subdistrict, 8074 US 50, Aurora 812-926-0376


Bloomington Subdistrict, 2965 Prow Road, Bloomington 812-332-1411


Columbus Subdistrict, 3545 Two Mile House Road, Columbus 812-372-7837


Falls City Subdistrict, 5701 HWY. 31, Clarksville 812-282-7493


Madison Subdistrict, 1875 W. JPG Woodfill Road, Madison 812-574-4368


The subdistrict offices are open Monday through Thursday, 7:30 a.m.-3:30 p.m.


To report misplaced signs, the public can call INDOT toll-free at (877) 305-7611. Candidates can also call the number to ask about reclaiming signs.