Indy Loses Money On Super Bowl

Posted On May 15, 2012

Super Bowl
(Indianapolis, Ind.) – Hosting Super Bowl XLVI cost the city of Indianapolis $1.3 million. 


The loss is nearly a half-million more than had been projected.


Capital Improvement Board President Ann Lathrop says the city is starting to pull that money back in from other investments due to the publicity.


“We put together a budget last year in May or June for an event that we had never hosted,” Lathrop said. 


Lathrop said she believes hosting the NFL’s title game and signature event was “well worth it” despite the losses. 


The red ink came mainly from paying for extra police and security, while the city made $2.9 million on taxes from car rentals, food, beverages and hotel stays. 


Results of anticipated tax collections were mixed.


“We were off a little bit at this point for hotel, motel, from what was actually collected, but we were over in food and beverage and auto rental,” said Lathrop.


Following the big game held in February, the Indianapolis Convention and Visitors Association said Super Bowl XLVI left behind an estimated $155 million economic impact on central Indiana. 




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