ISP To Conduct Commercial Vehicle Seat Belt Enforcement Blitz

Posted On September 20, 2017

By Travis Thayer

(Indianapolis, Ind.) – Indiana State Police are reminding commercial vehicle operators to always wear their seat belts.

Beginning Sunday, September 24, Indiana State Police Commercial Motor Vehicle Officers and Motor Carriers Inspectors will be participating in a statewide blitz concentrating on seat belt enforcement and education.

The seatbelt enforcement campaign will run through September 30.

According to ISP, some operators are not properly wearing their seatbelt.

“Unfortunately, we are finding – more often than not – that many CMV drivers are using a device on the shoulder strap portion of the safety belt that is designed to reduce tension on the shoulder,” stated Indiana State Police Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Division Commander Major Jon Smithers. “The loosening of the shoulder strap can compromise the effectiveness of the safety belt and is also in violation of the Indiana seatbelt law and Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations.”

ISP believe through continued education and enforcement of Indiana’s seatbelt laws, lives can be saved. Police hope the seatbelt enforcement campaign will hammer home the importance of voluntary compliance with seatbelt and traffic laws.

While the stated goal is voluntary compliance, in situations where a traffic ticket is warranted, commercial vehicle operators will be cited for seatbelt violations.

The Indiana State Police Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Division has provided the following safety belt facts and tips:

  • Safety belts are proven to help drivers maintain control of the vehicle when involved in a crash, thus minimizing the chance of injury or death to you, your passengers, and other motorists.
  • Safety belts can prevent you from being knocked unconscious in a crash, improving yourchances of escape from a burning or submerged vehicle.
  • You are four times more likely to be fatally injuredwhen thrown from your vehicle the result of a crash. Your safety belt can keep you from being ejected.
  • Driver error, severe weather, mechanical failure, andtire blowouts can all cause crashes. Safety belts prevent injuries by protecting your head and spinal cord.
  • Safety belts are necessary even at low speeds.In a frontal collision at 30 mph, an unbelted commercial vehicle driver hits the windshield at that speed.
  • Seat, lap, and shoulder belts can be easily adjusted to fit comfortably and correctly.
  • Buckling up takes only about three seconds and can make a difference for a lifetime.

For more information, visit www.in.gov/isp.