ISP Makes Yet Another Drug Haul On I-74

Posted On October 30, 2013

By Matt Popovich



Cynthia Bueno

Dearborn County Law Enforcement Center

(Dearborn County, Ind.) – For the third time in a week, Indiana State Police intercepted a shipment of drugs being transported to Cincinnati on Interstate 74.


A shipment of over 100 pounds of marijuana and a separate haul of two kilos of cocaine were made on October 16 and 18, respectively. The most recent interdiction, which occurred on October 23, was of a large shipment of heroin.


According to court documents, Cynthia G. Bueno, 29, of Gardena, California was driving along I-74 in a silver Ford Mustang. She was observed by an Indiana State Police trooper to be driving slightly under the posted speed limit in the passing lane. He felt this was unusual and began to follow the vehicle, which had increased its speed to around 85 MPH.


Bueno, who had a 15-year-old juvenile in the vehicle with her, was asked to sit in the trooper’s vehicle after producing a valid California drivers license. The trooper then discovered that Bueno was not the owner of the vehicle. She stated she was borrowing the car from a friend to visit her grandmother and aunt in Cincinnati.


As the trooper asked more questions about Bueno’s travel plans, he found the story increasingly suspicious. He conducted further interviews with Bueno and her juvenile companion, who she stated was her nephew.


Bueno granted the trooper written consent to search the vehicle. Upon the initial search, no evidence of wrongdoing was found. The trooper agreed to release Bueno with a warning, according to the affidavit.


However, when Bueno attempted to leave the traffic stop, her car would not start due to a dead battery. Bueno became visibly nervous, according to the affidavit, and began praying and rocking back and forth.


Bueno agreed to a second interview with the trooper. She then allegedly admitted that both occupants were aware that they were transporting contraband to Cincinnati. The trooper said that Bueno told him that she was being paid $1,000 for transporting the drugs from Los Angeles, California to Cincinnati.


The Mustang was towed to another location. During a further search, officers discovered six packages of heroin wrapped in aluminum foil hidden inside the car’s spoiler. The packages weighed a combined five pounds, according to police.


Bueno is currently being held in jail at the Dearborn County Law Enforcement Center. She is charged with Dealing in a Narcotic Drug over Three Grams (Class A felony) and Conspiracy to Commit Dealing in a Narcotic Drug over Three Grams (Class A felony). Both charges are punishable by 20 to 50 years in prison.


Buneo’s bond has been set at $10,000 cash and $750,000 surety.




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