Jennifer Nettles: “Forever Connected” To Victims

Posted On November 09, 2011



Indiana State Fair

Fans watch as the stage at the Indiana State

Fair collapses amid a gust of wind Saturday

night. Five people were killed and dozens more

were injured.

Getty Images





(Indianapolis, Ind.) – Sugarland singer Jennifer Nettles says she and her bandmates will be forever connected to the victims and all those who were at the Indiana State Fair this summer. 


In an interview on ABC’s “In The Spotlight With Robin Roberts” Tuesday night, Nettles said she wept when she saw the devastation caused by a massive gust of wind moments before they were to take the stage. 


Seven people were killed and dozens more were hurt when the rigging collapsed. 


“I think any sort of crisis can test our faith and push us to our limits,” Nettles said. “There will always be a before that happened and an after that happened.”


Nettles said the band was in the dressing room when the tragedy happened, underneath the stage, having been told by their tour manager to hold off on starting the show for a few minutes. 


“No sooner had she said that then … everything suddenly looked dark and then wind and then a crashing sound, horrible metal twisting sound, and then the ceiling of the dressing room torqued and shuddered, and everyone went to the wall. We didn’t know what was happening because we couldn’t see. We were underneath,” Nettles recalled.




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