Judge Throws Out Deer Preserve Ban

Posted On October 16, 2013

By Mike Perleberg


image(Harrison County, Ind.) – The State of Indiana is appealing a county judge’s ruling that throws out the state’s ban on enclosed deer hunting farms.


Indiana Attorney General Greg Zoeller filed the appeal Tuesday in an attempt to uphold a 2005 emergency order from the director of the Indiana Department of Natural Resources to ban high-fenced deer hunting areas, the Associated Press reports.


Two weeks ago, a judge in Harrison County threw out the emergency order. Judge John Evans said deer at facilities like the one owned by Rodney Bruce near Corydon “are privately owned and not the property of the people of the state of Indiana.”


Evans’ ruling also limited the state’s authority in policing private deer hunting preserves.


There are more than 6,000 farmed deer in Indiana, according to the Department of Natural Resources. The DNR presently co-regulates these farmed deer along with the Indiana Board of Animal Health.


The Indianapolis Star has previously reported there are 380 licensed deer breeders in the state of Indiana and four high-fenced hunting preserves.




Judge: Fenced Deer Hunting Grounds Allowed