Kentucky Goes For Trump

Posted On March 07, 2016

By Mike Perleberg


Donald Trump won Kentucky’s Republican caucus on Saturday. Photo by Gage Skidmore.

(Undated) – Republican voters in Kentucky attended caucuses statewide on Saturday, some voters waiting in long lines to cast a ballot for their favorite candidate for president.

It was the first caucus in the Bluegrass state in decades.

GOP frontrunner Donald Trump won the Kentucky Republicans attending a caucus, allowing the billionaire businessman to add to his delegate count. Trump took 35.9 percent of Saturday’s caucus vote in Kentucky, the same say in which he won Louisiana’s primary.

“I want to thanks the people of Louisiana and the people of Kentucky. It’s been just an amazing relationship,” Trump said in his Super Saturday victory speech in West Palm Beach, Florida.

Ted Cruz was second in Kentucky’s caucus with 31.6 percent support. Marco Rubio finished third with 16.4 percent. Cruz won in most northern Kentucky counties, as well as taking Kansas and Maine on Saturday.

Although the GOP caucus is past, Kentucky Democrats and Republicans will still plan to vote for party nominees for other state and federal offices in the state’s May 17 primary election.