Ky. State Police Deny Request To Handle Deputy Shooting Investigation

Posted On May 01, 2014

By Mike Perleberg

A still frame from the dash cam video shows Brockman strafing along side Ramsey's moving vehicle. WLWT-TV

A still frame from the dash cam in Deputy Tyler Brockman’s cruiser shows Brockman strafing along side Samantha Ramsey’s moving vehicle, just before Brockman and the vehicle collided and four shots were fired.

(Burlington, Ky.) – The Kentucky State Police are refusing to take over the investigation of a shooting involving a Boone County Sheriff’s deputy.

Deputy Tyler Brockman was investigating a report of a field party on River Road near Hebron last Saturday morning when he approached on-foot a vehicle driven by Samantha Ramsey, 19, of Covington. Instead of stopping, Ramsey’s vehicle accelerated. It is disputed whether Brockman was hit by the vehicle or jumped onto the hood, but it is not contested that he fired four shots through the car’s windshield.

Ramsey was struck and later died at the hospital.

Boone County Sheriff Michael Helmig had launched the sheriff’s office’s own investigation into the incident as Brockman was placed on administrative leave. On Thursday, Helmig opted to request that the Kentucky State Police take over the investigation into the shooting incident so that there would be no appearance of impropriety  and to dispel any thoughts of a cover up or favoritism.

“Simply put, we owe it to Samantha’s family, Deputy Brockman and his family, and to our stakeholders for this investigation to be conducted without any cloud of any wrongdoing,” Helmig said.

Later Thursday, the Kentucky State Police denied the Boone County Sheriff’s request, citing policy and current protocol.

According to BCSO spokesman Tom Scheben, KSP Commissioner Rodney Brewer did offer to “provide any support for your investigation including but not limited to use of our LEICA forensic scanner, expediting lab requests and any other technical or investigative assistance you need.”

Scheben said the sheriff’s office respects the commissioner’s position and looks forward to any assistance they can provide.

Whether the sheriff’s office will shop the handling of the investigation to other agencies – or keep it in-house after all – is not clear.


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The sheriff should still be in jail!!! He MURDERED that KID!!! That's all she was!!! He didn't have to shoot her 4 freakn times to get her to stop!!! All he needed to do, was get her license plate number when she pulled off and let another officer pull her over and take necessary action!!! Killing her was not necessary!!! Thanks to this POS...this family lost a daughter and she lost the chance of having a life!!!


The Officer is running towards the car. From the first report I was under the impression she drove the Car and ran into him. I thought so if she did that how then did he pull his Gun and shoot through the windshield four times. Now you can clearly see it was either bad reporting or the officer was lying about the first story reported.  He is running at her, totally opposite of what I first read in the first news story.  I can see why the Kentucky State Police don't want to investigate. The FBI will.. So will the big time Private Investigators the Lawyers Hire who represent the Family who are going to file a Civil suit and win millions from Boone County.  Very sad story all the way around.


Look at the Picture Posted, I think it says a quite a bit.


the K S P knows the deputy was wrong and they want to stay out of it !