“Laurel Five” Killer’s Girlfriend Sentenced To 20 Years

Posted On April 03, 2014

By Mike Perleberg

Amanda Napier file photo

Amanda Napier
file photo

(Brookville, Ind.) – A prison sentence of 20 years has been ordered for the woman who set up the drug deal that led to Franklin County’s infamous “Laurel Five” murders.

Amanda A. Napier appeared in Franklin County Circuit Court on Wednesday. Napier, 37, had earlier reached a plea agreement with Franklin County prosecutors to plead guilty to two Class B felony charges of Conspiracy to Commit Armed Robbery and Conspiracy to Commit Dealing in a Schedule II Controlled Substance.

Pursuant to the agreement, Judge Steven Cox sentenced Napier to 12 years on each count to be served consecutively. Ten years from each count will be served in the Indiana Department of Corrections, while the remaining two years from the two counts will be served on probation.

Napier also has to pay fees totaling $1,588.

David Ison is serving five life sentences for committing the "Laurel Five" murders in 2011. file photo

David Ison is serving five life sentences for committing the “Laurel Five” murders in 2011.
file photo

“This finally closes the book on that awful crime that occurred,” said Franklin County Chief Deputy Prosecutor Christopher Huerkamp.

David Ison, Napier’s boyfriend, shot to death five people on Stipps Hill Road in Laurel over the price of prescription pills on September 25, 2011. According to investigators, she had gone with Ison to the victims’ home, but stayed behind in the car parked down the road while Ison gunned down Roy Napier, his wife, two children, and a family friend.

Although she has the same last name, Amanda Napier is not related to the murder victims.

Napier and Ison were arrested two days after the murders during a traffic stop on U.S. 52 near Andersonville, Indiana.  Investigators said Napier was driving while Ison – wearing a disguise – was in the passenger seat. An assault rifle was found in the vehicle as well. Indiana State Police detectives said Napier was aware that they were driving to Batesville to rob the CVS Pharmacy there.

Huerkamp said Amanda Napier set up the drug deal with Roy Napier that went bad. She also hatched the scheme to rob the Batesville store.

“She took active steps to plan that out. They were going to pull that one off and then hit the road,” Huerkamp said.

According to the charging affidavit by state police against Napier, “Ison explained that Amanda Napier knew if he put his disguise on that he was planning on doing something illegal as this was customary as they had robbed other drug stores, and robbed a bank when he had applied his disguise.”

Napier previously admitted to being Ison’s getaway driver for three armed robberies he committed in Indiana and Ohio before the murders. She was ordered to probation for the robbery of the Triplett Drug Store in Osgood on May 9,

The deaths have become known as the “Laurel Five” murders. David Ison was sentenced in 2012 to five sentences of life in prison without the possibility of parole.

Huerkamp credited the detectives and officers with the Indiana State Police and Franklin County Sheriff’s Department who collaborated to assemble the case against Ison and Napier.

“They handed the case to us on a silver platter. They did a top notch job,” he said, adding Napier’s sentence resolves any criminal case dealing with the “Laurel Five” murders.


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