Lawmaker: Allow Alcohol Sales On Election Day

Posted On July 10, 2012

beer(Covington, Ky.) – Kentucky is one of just two states that bans alcohol sales on Election Day, but that may change.


State Representative Arnold Simpson (D-Covington) tells the Kentucky Enquirer he will introduce legislation to change the law during the 2013 lawmaking session in Frankfort.


While all non-dry counties in Kentucky would allow alcohol sales on election days under the law, the bill would still permit counties and cities to enact local ordinances banning the sales.


Simpson says the current “Blue Law” is outdated, because bars no longer serve as polling places as they did decades ago when the law was enacted.


The law also has a fiscal impact. Bars must close on primary and general election days, resulting in less tax revenue for the state.


South Carolina is the only other state in the country which bans alcohol sales on election days.