Lawrenceburg Downtown Process Committee Formed

Posted On July 02, 2014

Press release from City of Lawrenceburg

(Lawrenceburg, Ind.) – Mayor Carr has established a Downtown Process Committee to oversee creation of the Lawrenceburg Downtown Action Agenda, which will be completed as part of the Indiana Downtown® technical assistance program. Indiana Downtown® is offered by the Indiana Association of Cities and Towns (IACT) in partnership with downtown experts HyettPalma, Inc. Members of the Process Committee represent both the public and private sectors and include the following individuals:

Pat Krider, Lawrenceburg Main Street

Mary Beth Hedrick, Lawrenceburg Community Center

Fred McCarter, Dearborn Community Foundation

Jim Bowen, Resident

Bill Cunningham, Resident

John Davis, Property Owner

Adam Gilliam, Property Owner

Linda Schnieder, Business Owner

Jim Helms, Ivy Tech

Shane McHenry, County Commissioner

Terri Randall, County Administrator

David Deddens, County Redevelopment

Eric Kranz, Dearborn County Chamber of Commerce

Debbie Smith/Director, Dearborn County Tourism

Tom Palmer, US Bank

Endea Sizemore, Hollywood Casino

Greg Tufts, Hollywood Casino

Paul Seymour, Historic District

Tom Rodgers, Redevelopment

J R Holdcraft, Council Member

Mel Davis, Utility Director

Kelly Will, Marketing Director

Grant Hughes, Redevelopment Director

Mario Todd, Project Manager

Mike Clark, Planning and Zoning

Dennis Carr, Mayor

Mayor Carr: “It is important to form a public-private partnership to ignite this downtown initiative. These individuals will remain engaged throughout the process of defining our Downtown Action Agenda and we feel certain that they will be instrumental in implementing our downtown’s business plan for a brighter future.”

Process Committee members will be busy preparing for the site visit of HyettPalma to downtown Lawrenceburg. Preparation will include collecting downtown data, setting up a variety of meetings that will be held by HyettPalma, and soliciting participation from the community.

The site visit will be used by HyettPalma to learn about the downtown and the community — and, more importantly, to hear the downtown concerns and desires of local officials, community leaders, business leaders, and residents.