Lawrenceburg Joins Indiana Downtown

Posted On June 18, 2014

Press release from City of Lawrenceburg


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(Lawrenceburg, Ind.) – The City of Lawrenceburg has joined Indiana Downtown®, a technical assistance program offered by the Indiana Association of Cities and Towns (IACT). Indiana Downtown® provides hands-on technical assistance to cities and towns that want to improve their downtown’s economy in partnership with their business community. Indiana Downtown® is modeled on the national program, America Downtown®, which has been offered by National League of Cities (NLC) and national downtown experts HyettPalma since 1992.

Indiana Downtown® is offered by IACT in partnership with HyettPalma, Inc. The firm’s co-founders, Doyle Hyett and Dolores Palma, are nationally acclaimed consultants, speakers, and authors, with extensive experience in the fields of business district enhancement, economic development, and city planning. They develop economic enhancement strategies for downtowns and bring their national perspective to local needs.

IACT has found local elected officials and community leaders eager to receive downtown technical assistance that is designed to stimulate private investment and build partnerships within the business community so that downtown can achieve a brighter economic future. As a result of Lawrenceburg’s participation in Indiana Downtown®, Lawrenceburg will receive a Downtown Action Agenda, which outlines an aggressive course of action to be implemented over the next five years by a private-public partnership. The Downtown Action Agenda will be based on the community’s shared vision for downtown and the results of a downtown market analysis conducted by HyettPalma.

According to Lawrenceburg Mayor, Dennis Carr:  “We did not want a downtown study or plan that might sit on a shelf, but a realistic, implementation-oriented course of action that will produce results and success.”

For more information about Lawrenceburg’s participation in the Indiana Downtown® program, please contact Grant Hughes ([email protected])