Why Is L’burg Dollar General Closed?

Posted On April 11, 2014

By Mike Perleberg

dollar-general-sign(Lawrenceburg, Ind.) – Lawrenceburg residents are wondering why their local Dollar General store closed abruptly last week.

A sign hung on the door this week states “Sorry for the inconvenience. Closed until further notice.” The store has not been open since Thursday, April 3.

Eagle 99.3 has found out why the shop offering discount goods has been closed. Fans of Dollar General can rest easy because it’s only temporary.

A leak in the roof of the building housing the store on Front Street caused a number of ceiling tiles to become wet, give way, and fall to the floor below during story hours April 3. An antique store next door was also affected. Nobody was hurt.

City of Lawrenceburg Building Inspector Carl Fryman says the Dearborn County Health Department issued a 24-hour cleanup order to the two stores requiring their closure, which expired the afternoon of Friday, April 4. Test results for air quality in the store are still pending, but do not prevent the store from reopening.

Dan McDonald, Dollar General’s Senior Director of Corporate Communications, says that the company wants to be cautious with its own customers and structure.

The store, McDonald said, could reopen as soon as next week if it passes inspection. There are no plans to close the store permanently.

Employees from Lawrenceburg’s Dollar General store have been transferred to other area stores during the closure, said McDonald.